“Pray for peace ­— not just a little, but a lot”Upstairs, downstairs, it’s all communionBlame it on the weatherWhen roles reverse

“Pray for peace ­— not just a little, but a lot”

Religious minorities seek refuge in Northern Iraq and Jordan, tensions remain in Gaza — yet in the war-torn Middle East, there are people of all faiths promoting peace.

Upstairs, downstairs, it’s all communion

Meeting the needs of two neighbors as a Eucharistic minister…

Blame it on the weather

Why do we always need up-to-the-minute detailed forecasts? Do we want to keep everything under control?

When roles reverse

More moms are breadwinners, and more dads are staying home. It seems to be a modern model, but it’s not easy. Here is the experience of a family who is trying it out.


Current Issue

Doing it all?

Generations ago, there was no question who in the family was caring for home and children and who was winning the bread. But today, women’s roles — and men’s — are no longer so clearly defined. Women can be truck drivers or CEOs, or they may homeschool seven children while growing organic food. Some seem to do it all. Yet do we have to do the same things to be equal? In this issue, we cannot address all the questions about this topic. But we can share a few experiences of how two couples are trying to figure out their roles, and how believers in Christianity, Islam and Judaism see their changing role as women today.